16. Al Slaughter

17. Bobby Collier

18. Louis Johnson

​19. Freddie Young

20. John L. Green

21. Herman "Shorty" Edwards, Sr.

22. Jerome Maxie

23. Jesse "JJ" Jones

24. Frank King

25. Al Tillman

26. Edward "Sonnie" Smith

27. Herman "Jammy" Osborne

28. James Coughman

29. Norman Mitchell

30. Prime Green

1. Herman "Baby" Hamilton

2. Irving Mitchell

3. Harold Brown

4. Charles "Jimmy" Henry

5. Frazier Stifford, Jr.

6. Moses Trappio, III

7. Sam Manior

8. Melvin "Pretty Boy" Pinkey

9. Eugene Artis

10. Eugene Maxwell

11. Calvin Griffin

12. Neal Hankerson

​13. Cazzie Russsell

14. John Brooks

​15. Marvin Sams

Al Tillman

Jesse "JJ" Jones                Sam Manior 

"Golf is like fishing and hunting. What counts is the championship and fellowship of friends, not what you catch or shoot". George Archer

Board of Directors

Harold Brown- President/Chairman

Irvin Mitchell-Vice President

Jesse "JJ" Jones- Tournament Director

Sam Manior- Treasurer

Eugene Artis- Secretary/ Chaplin

Al Tillman- Fund Raising Committee

Edward "Sonny" Smith- Website Manager

Savannah Senior Strikers

       Eugene Artis                                               Edward "Sonny" Smith         

Irvin Mitchell

Harold Brown